Methods in Biostatistics Class notes for Math 150 at Pomona College: Methods in Biostatistics. The notes are based primarily on the text (Kuiper and Sklar Practicing Statistics, 2013). You are responsible for reading your text. Your text is very good & readable, so you should use it. Your text is not, however, overly technical.

Reconstructing KM Curves

Reconstructing data from Kaplan-Meier curves Using the methodology given in Guyot et al. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2012, 12:9 (, we held a practical session to show how to do this in R. The algorithm in Guyot (2012) is included in the digitise() function in the survHE package. The first step is to extract the Read more about Reconstructing KM Curves[…]

ggplot2 Quick Reference: geom

Software and Programmer Efficiency Research Group Geometric objects (geoms) are the visual representations of (subsets of) observations. Click on any of the following images to see the quick reference of the corresponding geom. Coming up next: geom_bar, geom_boxplot We retrieved the list of supported parameters and their default values using , where geomname is the Read more about ggplot2 Quick Reference: geom[…]